The “Health Insurance-Master” is a comprehensive and affordable private Health Insurance policy!

A carefully selected network of Spanish and international doctors are at your disposal. On admittance to hospital in Spain, you will have access to private clinics and be provided with your own room with a spare bed for you partner or the person accompanying you. There are no long waiting lists.

The Health Insurance-Master policy can also be used as a supplementary insurance to the Seguridad Social(the Spanish national health insurance scheme).

Summary of cover:

*Wide choice of national and international general practitioners, physiotherapists, specialists and private clinics. Language or languages spoken are listed in the medical address book.

*100% cover for cost of hospital admission. No long waiting lists for operations.

*Age limit for taking out a policy set at 75 years. No medical examination is required for applicants.

*Worldwide cover included -including USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

*Europe and world cover applicable for maximum of sixty days per stay outside Spain.

*Most up-to-date diagnosis and treatment methods covered.

*Compensation for transport by ambulance to nearest hospital.

*Cost of intensive care are covered.

*On admission to hospital in Spain you have your own room with a spare bed for your partner or the person accompanying you.

*Medication is not covered. All medicines prescribed for treatment during hospital admission are covered.

*Hospital birth including extra bed and complete care. Twelve-month qualifying period.

*Prosthetics, cardiac valves and pacemakers are covered(up to €3.000 per annum).

*Psychiatric treatment and admission to psychiatric clinic.

*Physiotherapy prescribed by doctor following an operation or accident is fully covered.

*Yearly urological/gynaecological examination included as standard.

*Possible take out Dental Insurance at a very low premium. (see below)

Though becoming older, you will remain in the same group for the sake of calculation of the premium.

At a minimal premium increase you can be insured for a solid dental examination and maintenance.


The applicant must complete a Self-Declaration of Health. Within fourteen days, you will receive a letter of acceptance, or acceptance subject to conditions. With the application a copy of the residencia-certificate or the N.I.E.-number has to be handed over. There is no previous medical examination . Within 10 days you will receive notice of acceptance or acceptance under restrictions. The policy has no acceptance obligation.

Cancellation of the insurance

Two months before the end of the calendar year, you can cancel the insurance.